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Demos analysis

CS Demo Manager extracts data from Counter-Strike demos (.dem files) and generates matches.
A match results from a demo analysis and contains all the information about the game (players, teams, positions, etc.).

Where to get demos

  • From the Downloads page in CS:DM. You can download your last 8 Valve Matchmaking or FACEIT demos.
  • From the Watch page of CS2 client (Matchmaking only).
  • From the platform website you are playing on (FACEIT, PopFlash, etc.).
  • From HLTV for professional matches.

HLTV and some platforms compress demos in archives. You have to decompress it otherwise the application will not see them.


Demos links usually expire after around one month.

Analysing demos

Demos analysis steps

  1. Go to the Demos page.
  2. Select the correct folder where your demos are located (you can add folders from the application settings).
  3. Select one or more demos.
  4. Click on Analyze and wait for the analysis to finish. You can see the progress from the Analyses page.
  5. Go to the Matches page to see the generated matches.

Analysis errors

The following list describes analysis error codes that can occur during the analysis of a demo.
They help understanding why a demo analysis failed.


The INSERT_MATCH_DUPLICATED_CHECKSUM error code means you tried inserting an already known match in the database.

While this should not be possible, some users have reported the problem on GitHub.
Any help to reproduce the issue is welcome.


The INSERT_ROUNDS_ERROR error code means one or more demo rounds have missing mandatory data and as such can't be inserted into the database.

It usually means the demo stopped during the middle of a round, and the cause may be because of a corrupted demo.
A demo must end after the last round of the match to preserve data integrity - for example, a round without a winner is not valid.

To confirm this, you should watch the demo in-game and:

  1. Ensure the playback doesn't stop in the middle of a round
  2. Open the demo player UI (SHIFT + F2) and check the information.
    A non-corrupted demo should look like this:
    Regular demo A corrupted demo look like this:
    corrupted demo
    As you can see, when a demo is corrupted, the total duration is 0:00 and usually the round indicators are missing.

If the demo doesn't stop in the middle of a round and is not corrupted, please open an issue on GitHub that includes the analysis logs and a link to download the demo.


The UNKNOWN error code means the demo analysis failed for an unknown reason not documented yet.

Please open an issue on GitHub that includes the analysis logs and a link to download the demo.