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I encountered a bug or have a suggestion

Bug reports, suggestions or feature requests have to be submitted on GitHub.

The application doesn't start or crash on startup

While it should happen on rare occasions, if the application keeps crashing on startup, you should try to delete the application configuration folder and restart the application.

The configuration folder named .csdm is in your user directory, i.e. C:\Users\USERNAME\.csdm on Windows and ~/.csdm on Linux/macOS.

Does it work with POV demos?

Currently only with CSGO demos, but keep in mind that:

  • Demos must have been recorded while playing on a server from a supported provider
  • It's important to start recording before the match starts to get the best results

Does it work with demos split in multiple files?

No, demos have to be a single file.

Is it VAC safe?

The application always starts Counter-Strike with the launch parameter -insecure which prevents you to connect to any server protected by VAC.

Is there a mobile application?