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CS2 limitations

Because CS2 has missing console commands or different behaviors compared to CSGO, some features are not yet available or partially available with CS2.
This page lists the current limitations of CS:DM with CS2.

Demo playback

  • To avoid restarting CSGO each time you want to watch a demo, the application uses the -netconport launch option to communicate with CSGO.
    Unfortunately, this launch option in CS2 works only on Windows when the Workshop tools are installed and the launch parameters -tools is set.
    As a workaround, CS:DM uses a "server plugin" loaded when the game is launched that should be transparent for the user. You can find more information about this plugin here.
  • Watching a player "as a suspect" is not available because the anonsuspect argument of the playdemo command is not yet available in CS2.
  • Watching a specific round from the Player's round performance section in the Downloads page is not available because the startround:number_number argument of the playdemo command is not yet available in CS2.

Video generation

  • Video generation is currently available only on Windows because the startmovie command is not "officially available" yet and requires HLAE to work.
  • Death notice edition (players name, duration...) is not available because HLAE doesn't support it yet for CS2.


  • The player's property that indicates when a player started/stopped inspecting his weapon doesn't update in CS2 demos. As a result, these stats are not available.