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Reading the step by step instructions below is highly recommended.
CS:DM requires an accessible PostgreSQL database to work properly.

You can watch the following videos to see the installation steps:

Step 1: The database

A PostgreSQL database version 16 or later is required to use CS Demo Manager, the application will show the following screen until a connection has been established:

Database connection


If you want to run the database in a Docker container please read this documentation.

  1. Download the last PostgreSQL installer and launch it.
  2. Click on Next until you reach the Select Components step:
  3. The mandatory components are PostgreSQL Server and Command Line Tools, the others are optional.
  4. Click on Next until you reach the Password step:
  5. Choose a password for the postgres user and remember it. You will need it later.
  6. Click on Next until you reach the Port step:
  7. It's recommended to use the default port 5432 but you can change it if you want.
  8. Click on Next and when the installation is finished, click on Finish.

Step 2: Setup psql

The psql program is the PostgreSQL command-line interface used by CS Demo Manager to create the database automatically.
This step explains how to add psql to your PATH environment variable so that the application can find it and invoke it.

  1. Make sure you installed the Command Line Tools component during the PostgreSQL installation.
  2. Press Windows+X to open the the Power User Task Menu.
  3. Click on System.
  4. Click on Advanced system settings.
  5. Click on Environment Variables...
  6. Select the Path variable from the User variables panel at the top and click on Edit
  7. Click on Browse and select the folder C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\16\bin.

    If you changed the default PostgreSQL installation path (C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\VERSION\bin), you have to select the correct folder.

  8. Click on OK
  9. Restart the application. Make sure to quit it entirely from the tray icon.

Step 3: The application

  1. Download the last CS Demo Manager installer from GitHub and install it.
  2. Type the password you chose during the PostgreSQL installation and click on "Connect".


Please read the installation FAQ, and if your problem is not listed, feel free to ask for help.