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Can I use a remote database?

Yes, see the documentation.

PSQL binary not found

If you have the error message "PSQL binary not found" it means that the PostgreSQL psql program is not in your PATH environment variable.
Please follow the Step 2: Setup psql instructions to fix this issue.


This error means the PostgreSQL server is not running or is not reachable.
You should:

  1. Make sure the postgresql service is running. On Windows you can do this by doing the following:
    1. Search for services from the Windows search bar and open the Services application.
    2. Find the service postgresql-x64 and ensure it's running. If it's missing, it means PostgreSQL is not installed. Windows Services
  2. Make sure the port is correct. The default port is 5432, but you may have changed it during installation.
    1. Open a terminal (cmd.exe on Windows)
    2. Type psql -h -U postgres -p 5432 and press enter. If you have the same error, chances are the port is incorrect.
  3. Re-install PostgreSQL and make sure to set the port to 5432 during the installation.

If you are using a remote database, ensure the server is running, and the IP and port are correct.

The app tray icon is missing

On RedHat-based Linux distributions the system tray is not enabled by default.
You have to install the "Gnome extensions app" and enable it to see the tray icon as mentioned in the installation instructions.